Are you feeling depleted, burnt out, and depressed? Are you always people pleasing and getting ghosted, no matter how hard you try? If you constantly feel like you're chasing what you want, but always losing, it's not bad luck - it's an overstimulation in your wounded masculine energy.

But there's hope. Balancing your divine feminine energy can help you feel fulfilled, manifest with ease, and align with love. The "Healing Your Divine Feminine: The Light, The Dark, And The Wounded" workbook is here to help you release old faulty programming, transform your point of attraction, and manifest with ease from your pedestal.

By working through the ten-step process in this workbook, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and tap into your divine feminine energy. You'll learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energy and transform your external reality.

The things you want will want you more!

No longer will you be a prisoner of your past. Embrace your divine feminine energy and manifest the life you truly desire. Download your copy of "Healing Your Divine Feminine: The Light, The Dark, And The Wounded" today and start your journey towards balance and fulfillment.

The Workbook

"Healing Your Divine Feminine: The Light, The Dark, And The Wounded" is a comprehensive digital workbook designed to help individuals balance their feminine and masculine energy. This workbook takes a step-by-step approach to healing, providing individuals with ten actionable steps to tap into their light and dark divine feminine energies to heal their masculine and feminine wounds.

The workbook is divided into three main sections: The Light, The Dark, and The Wounded. The Light section helps individuals understand what the divine feminine energy actually is, and provides tools to activate their own feminine energy. The Dark section explores the challenging aspects of the divine feminine, such as power and transformation, and offers guidance on how to use these energies to heal. The Wounded section delves into the individual's wounded masculine and feminine energies and offers practical strategies to heal these wounds.

One of the unique features of this workbook is the script provided to create boundaries and/or remove unhealthy connections. This script offers individuals a powerful tool to release toxic relationships and create healthy boundaries in their lives.

By working through the exercises and prompts in each section, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their energy and how to balance their masculine and feminine energies. The workbook offers guidance to help individuals embody their most magnetic self and live a life of balance and fulfillment.

Inside The Workbook

This digital 66 page workbook begins with a quiz to help individuals understand if their masculine energy is over stimulated. This quiz offers insight into potential imbalances and provides guidance to help individuals restore balance. Additionally, the workbook includes a table to highlight and define the differences between the divine feminine and masculine energies.

The workbook is filled with affirmations, guided journal prompts, and suggested tools to help individuals understand their wounded energies and heal these energies through activation of their light and dark feminine energy.

The workbook offers emotional support as you release of past faulty programming and provides guidance on how to release those emotions. The mood diary is a valuable tool that helps individuals track their progress and gain a deeper understanding of their current point of attraction. The ancient Hawaiian healing modality Ho'oponopono is also included as a powerful tool to help individuals release limiting beliefs and heal their past hurts.

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