You're not breaking down... you're breaking through.

If you are at rock bottom, congrats! You literally cannot go any lower. It's only up from here. This is why rock bottom actually ROCKS. Rock bottom is not the set back, but the set up. We rarely change when everything is sunshine and rainbows. Only when we are at our lowest point do we have the most room for growth.

If you feel like you are broken, empty, constantly chasing love, co-dependent, worthless, anxious, or depressed, you are in the perfect place to transform your life.

It's no coincidence you have found yourself looking at this page. We all have a time in our journey where we realize we are the ones who must save ourselves. This just happens to be your time. While we must save ourselves, certain people are sent to us along our journey to HELP us heal.

is where I come in.

The 21 Day Break Up Glow Up Challenge

It's time to dust off that pedestal and take your throne

Meet your built in break up BFF, CiiCii.

Welcome Positive Bitches! I’m CiiCii, your new built in break up BFF.

A couple of years ago I went through the worst break up of my life. I couldn't sleep, eat, breathe, or really function at all. The only thing I could do was cry. I was so good at crying I ended up staining my face with my own tears. I felt so empty and experienced an immense amount of loneliness. I could not understand HOW people went through break ups like they went through trends. Beyond any betrayal I felt by my partner, I also felt betrayed by myself. I didn't have an identity outside of being a girlfriend, I was 40lbs+ heavier than I am now, depressed, anxious, and lost.

I was on a mission to heal. I did seminar after seminar, read a plethora of self-help books, met with mentors, and committed myself to a myriad of spiritual practices. My pain led me back home to myself. I went from co-dependent, to queen and healed myself (with the guidance of God and my spirit guides of course). I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double degree in Communications, became a certified Tony Robbins Life Coach, created my own business, formed a following online (TikTok 380k+), built up my own podcast That Bitch is Positive, and am currently writing my first BOOK.

I couldn't find any answers in this 3D world, so I turned inward and found myself. BTW: If something in this world could mend the pain of a break up, I would tell you to do it. The thing is, the answer isn't out there... it's within you.

Some of The Glow Up Guidance Included in This Challenge:

Tapping Into The Divine Feminine Within

In this challenge you will learn how to connect, tap into, and leverage your divine feminine energy. We all have divine feminine energy within us, but most of us have disconnected from her because we have been hurt, or are stuck in a hustle mindset 24/7. We must feel to heal. What allows us to feel is our divine feminine energy. If we are not connected to our divine feminine, it makes it very difficult to connect to our emotions. Activating the divine feminie within will allow you to nurture your own healing journey by holding space for your emotions to be processed. Instead of swimming against the current of healing, you will flow with it.

Aligning With Your Most Magnetic Self

In this challenge you will be given an opportunity to quantum leap to your most magnetic timeline. You will learn how to build up your self-love and confidence muscles. While we are born loving ourselves, and confident, many of us have learned to be insecure due to the projections of others. At your core, you are a self-loving, confident, hottie. It is through learned experiences that you think otherwise. Self-love and confidence are not like a switch you just turn on, rather they are like a muscle which you must build daily. The more you practice the skills in this challenge, the more magnetic you will become.

Rewiring Your Brain for
a New Beginning

In this challenge you will learn how to break the addiction you may have to your ex. Many of us don't realize it, but we get addicted to the people in our lives. This makes it harder to let them go. It's not just about breaking up them outside of yourself, it's about breaking up with them internally too (which most people forget). Even if a person leaves our life, they will live on within our neuron networks. You will learn how to let them go neurologically. You will cultivate new healthy habits by interrupting older neurological pathways about your ex and wiring new neurological pathways about you. You will find new pathways to dopamine, new habits, and a new you.

Opening and Balancing
Your Sacral Chakra

In this challenge you will create a relationship with your sacral chakra through both a video lesson and guided meditation. You will learn how the sacral chakra affects our bodies spiritually, physically, and mentally. When this chakra is out of balance it can lead to co-dependency, people pleasing, chasing others, extreme loneliness, and feelings of unworthiness. When our sacral chakra is balanced we are able to stand in our power and attract whatever it is we want. With your own breath, body, spirit, touch, and my guidance, you will activate, and turn on your sacral chakra.

Going Back Home to Your Authentic Self

In this challenge you will have the opportunity to go back home to your authentic frequency. Most of us are playing roles we created in our childhood to get love from our caregivers. We never stepped out of these roles, and eventually these roles became our identity. We cannot align with everything that is meant for us if we are not living our authentic vibration. Through this challenge, you will gain access to your subconscious mind, understand the childhood dynamics that are still affecting you today and make contact with your true self, allowing you to let go of the inauthentic role you created to survive.

Taking Your Power Back from Everything and Everyone

In this challenge, you will learn how to put yourself on the pedestal and act from your own core. By learning how to date yourself, express your creativity, and do mirror work, you will be able to harness your energy and use your power in a way that is conducive to your desires. If you choose to ignore the lessons from this relationship and break up, the lessons will repeat. The pain you are being given is an opportunity to evolve, find yourself, and transmute your energy into higher vibrational power. So, what will you do? Evolve or repeat? You most magnetic timeline awaits you NOW.

Why This Challenge is So Powerful

Built in Break Up BFF - You are not alone. CiiCii will guide you through each day of this challenge and let you in on her own personal experiences to provide comfort and illustrate that it is indeed possible to heal. CiiCii is not only a certified Life Coach, but has personally dealt with co-dependency and anxious attachment, understanding the mental and emotional toll this life transition can have on one. She will be there for you as both a teacher and a friend. Followers have said, "Listening to CiiCii feels like I'm on Facetime with one of my best friends."

Action - This challenge isn't just about learning, but "doing." Not only will you learn about yourself, psychology, and spirituality, but you will put this knowledge to use by DOING different activities that will help you harness your power.

Support and Accountability - Included in this challenge is a private Facebook support group which provides a sense community and other Positive Bitches who can hold you accountable. Feel free to find a Positive Bitch Buddy in the community to share your experiences with, lean on for support, and ultimately help one another through this transitioning phase.

Home Field Advantage - You can do this challenge in the comfort of your own home. Whether you need to "ugly" cry or wear your pajamas everyday to get through your break up, you can do this challenge while allowing yourself a comfortable space to heal within.

21 Days - It takes about 21 days to create a lasting change in your life. It's easy to give up on our healing when we don't know what to do. Having 21 days with a curriculum sets the stage for you, all you have to do is show up.

Transformative - Joining this challenge will help you reflect on this break up, learn about your subconscious beliefs, and allow you to align with your most magnetic self. The lessons we do not learn, we must repeat. Instead of repeating the same dynamic you had in your prior relationship, you can evolve. This is your red carpet to a higher vibrational future relationship.

Materials Included in This Challenge:

Everyday for 21 days, you will have either a video or audio Glow Up Guide for less than 45 minutes a piece. Some days with have an additional worksheet that you can print out or use digitally to enhance the lesson of that day.

It takes about 21 days to make or break a habit which is why this challenge is 21 days. This gives you enough time to create a habit of being your most magnetic self.

Video Lessons
Audio Lessons
Affirmation Script
Downloadable Worksheets
Private Facebook Support Group

Begin Your Glow Up

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the challenge work?
Over the course of 21 days, CiiCii will be your built in break up BFF, and guide you to heal yourself. As you face the darkness of your break up, CiiCii will simultaneously help you see your own light. Each day there will be either a video or audio lesson in which you will engage with. Some days there will be a downloadable worksheet to accompany the virtual lesson so you may interact with the concepts. There will also be a private Facebook support group with all members included so you have a community to exchange experiences with.

Why is the challenge 21 days?
It takes about 21 days to create lasting change, whether that change is anchoring in a new habit or dissolving an old one, it takes time about 3 weeks to rewire. This challenge is so powerful because of the time it takes to complete. Over the 21 days it takes to go through this challenge, you will consciously, subconsciously, spiritually, and physically undergo many changes. We aren't just working at a conscious level, but a subconscious level as well which allows for deep healing. If you commit to this challenge for 21 days, you will transform mind, body, and spirit.

When does the challenge begin and end?
The challenge begins as soon as you join it! This challenge runs 24/7, so you can start it any day of the year, and mold the challenge to your schedule. The challenge takes 21 days to complete if you do it daily. While this is self-paced, I encourage you to do it daily for 21 days straight. Ultimately you can decide when you start and end it.

What happens if I am busy one of the days of the challenge?
No problem! Once you join, the whole program is yours. If you don't have time to complete the challenge of the day, you can just do it the next. This is a challenge you can take anytime, anywhere, any day.

How much time do I have to commit to the challenge each day?
You should have about 45 minutes each day carved out to go through the daily video, audio, and/or worksheet scheduled for that day. While you may be able to finish much faster, having 45 minutes allotted for each day will ensure you can learn and digest the daily information.

How long do I have access to the challenge?
You will have lifetime access to this challenge.

What requirements are there to begin this challenge?
All you need is a commitment to yourself, and a computer, tablet or mobile device. I recommend using a computer or tablet, but you can download the Teachable app for your mobile device as well.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes. If within 3 days you find the challenge isn't for you, we will happily provide a refund.

What if I have more questions?
Please contact [email protected] for more information.